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NOA Promo -25/% - Dormeuses Créateur /"Arlequin/" noir J1809

NOA Promo -25% - Dormeuses Créateur "Arlequin" noir J1809

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NOA Promo -25/% - Dormeuses Créateur /"Arlequin/" noir J1809
NOA Promo -25/% - Dormeuses Créateur /"Arlequin/" noir J1809
NOA Promo -25/% - Dormeuses Créateur /"Arlequin/" noir J1809

Latest book...

Jess Ward joined the Wesberrey Walkers to get fit. But it might be the death of her!

Obliged to look after her older sister’s handsome and driven Brazilian lover, Jess introduces Frederico to the local walking group. With the annual Wesberrey Walkathon a few weeks away, everyone has their sights on the prize, but is there someone in the group prepared to kill for it?

A mysterious illness lays low several walkers and Jess suspects foul play. Who would deliberately poison their competition, and how did they do it? Still unsure of the reality of her newly discovered psychic abilities, but with little else to go on, Jess tries to channel help from a higher plain.

Can Jess trust her own intuition?

Who or what is bringing everyone to their knees?

Is it a dodgy hummus, or a deadly human?

Pious Poison is the third book in the exciting new Reverend Jessamy Ward Mystery Series by Penelope Cress.

If you’d love to discover the competitive secrets and deep rivalries on Wesberrey. Get Pious Poison now!  v

Poison v219468 scaled ojnvco81rht7wh9k6kss3hzztcabvrm0h5by3jf95i - Penelope Cress - Cosy Mystery Writer - UK Murder Mystery Author
Buy Pious Poison on Amazon today to explore the often quirky and sometimes seedy secrets of the Isle of Wesberrey!
Hover over the books to flip over the cover and then click on ‘Read More’ to read all about each novel.

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Holy Homicide

Rev Jessamy Ward uncovers murder, mystery and tragic family secrets when she returns to live on the magical Isle of Wesberrey.
Read More

Mausoleum Madness

Bodies pile up quicker than the new vicar, Rev Jessamy Ward can bury them in the second book from the Isle of Wesberry series.
Read More

Pious Poison

In book three of the series, Rev Jessamy Ward joins the Wesberrey Walkers to become fitter and it almost kills her.
Read More

Divine Death

Coming Soon!


On a strange blue planet… Where cats rule their human minions…

The people of earth do their best to survive.

Worshipped for centuries, these furry killing machines use cunning, guile, and raging ambivalence to get their way.

These are their stories.

In Victorian London there is one rule: Don’t mess with the Cat Consortium. But will a kitten’s quest save the day? And who will believe the prophecy of Mr. Buttons?

Some of the top authors in the business have banded together for this anthology giving you sixty stories of feline adventure that will make you chortle, chuckle, gasp, and guffaw.

Read cat stories by some of your favorite authors and discover new writers you’ll adore.

Revenge, reckoning, and redemption: HELLCATS, the Anthology has it all.

Visit the Penelope Cress author section on the Hellcats authors page HERE.

Penelope Cress

About Me

My name is Penelope Cress and I love a good murder. Don’t you?

In fact, there is nothing I like better than snuggling up with a nice cup of tea and some digestive biscuits and watching some Agatha Christie or Midsomer Murders on the television. Or even better reading the latest cosy mystery on the train at the end of a hard day.

Untitled design 1 - Penelope Cress - Cosy Mystery Writer - UK Murder Mystery Author
I started to write my own stories a couple of years ago and the result is the exciting Isle of Wesberrey series featuring the sleuthing talents of Reverend Jessamy Ward. It had been such a joy creating this magical island and its quirky inhabitants.

I live with my children and elderly Jack Russell terrier on an island off the Kent coast and Wesberrey has been inspired by the history and attractions of the many amazing towns and villages dotted along the Kent coast.

In my head I imagined the nostalgic world of G.K. Chesterton’s Father Brown with the modern day humour of the Vicar of Dibley.  What if there was a place where there were no cars but cats roamed free? A place steeped in history, tradition and ritual that embraced the best things about living in the modern world. A charming English idyll where there just happens to be the odd murder, every other week!

In my research about the local history of my parish church I discovered the legend of the fertility well and the triple goddess. What if Reverend Jess Ward was descended from the original keepers of the well? Is there a way for ancient and modern traditions to peacefully coexist?

I have had great fun creating a world where all of these elements could find a home and I have had even more fun populating this island with some wonderful characters. I love them as my family and I hope that you will grow to love them too.

I am truly honoured that you have come to my website and possibly have read, or are about to read some of my books.

If you would like to keep in touch and hear about all the latest goings on in Wesberrey, competitions, new releases or just some general gossip, please sign up for my free newsletter. To say thank you, I will send you a link to a special sort story Jubilee Jinks (a prequel to the main Wesberrey series) for FREE!

When I’m not writing, or reading murder mysteries, I spend way too much time on Facebook, so I have a special group called the Wesberrey Watchers where I will be sharing all sorts of goodies and members can talk about their favourite characters and so on. If you would like to take part, all you have to do is head over to Facebook and request to join.

I would be delighted to hear from you and welcome any ideas or suggestions for what could happen with the characters as the series unfolds. Ideas for interesting new murder plots are welcome too. I hope the police never have cause to open my search history, they would think I am some kind of serial killer. I promise my only victims are fictional!

Thanks again for popping by, keep in touch…



I am currently working on a second series which will take me around the world. Watch out for the adventures of Sandra Snoop coming soon…
Jubilee scaled - Penelope Cress - Cosy Mystery Writer - UK Murder Mystery Author

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Contact Penelope

I love a natter don’t you? Get in touch and we’ll have a chit chat!

About Me

I’m a writer of mysteries and a mother of four. Addicted to tea, digestive biscuits and all things retro.

I love to socialise


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